Technical consultancy

The personalised advice we offer guarantees profitable and specific solutions to the regulatory compliance applied to our Clients.

Updates on legislation, preparation of audits and declarations, application for authorisations, preparation of reports, monitoring plans… and all this with a highly qualified technical team specialised in different areas of action, always by means of personalised treatment with our clients and a high level of involvement in the projects implemented.


Technical advice on environmental quality for chemical, food and waste management industries, as well as water and energy production, among others. We are specialized in the elaboration of technical documentation for the application of environmental authorizations, soil diagnosis, waste and water characterization, environmental audits and inspections.

Marine Environmental

Studies of Environmental Impact and of coastal dynamics, Programs of Environmental Vigilance, projects of bionomic cartography and bathymetries, reduction of carbon footprint by means of the planting of oceanic Posidonia, benthonic macrofauna, Litoral Cartography, analytical Control of sediments and waters, dredging and regeneration of beaches, subaquatic prospections of marine infrastructures by means of ROV and towed video, continuous data monitoring of variables like salinity and temperature, professional-scientific subaquatic works.


We develop projects adapted to each need, to meet the requirements of the regulatory scope of application in all types of water (drinking, waste, swimming pools, marine, spring and treated, underground, surface, water in sanitary facilities, legionella control …).

Timeline of execution and interpretation of results by our experts with the application of preventive and corrective measures to detect non-compliance, staff training, self-monitoring plans, start-up authorisations and the carrying out of audits and inspections.

Food safety

Updating and advice on legislation, technical audits and documentary maintenance of standardised food safety, HACCP and food safety management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC and IFS.


We assess conformity and provide advice on quality, environmental and food safety management systems according to legal requirements or customer specifications. (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22.000, IFS, etc). Implementation and monitoring of self-control systems (HACCP) and implementation and monitoring of hygiene and traceability prerequisites.

We successfully achieved the implementation and certification of management systems in companies in the food, chemical, industrial and analytical sectors, among others.



We offer services that safeguard public health, the environment and quality. Our laboratory is oriented to the realization of analysis, sample taking, inspections and special works under GLP.

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