We have a wide variety of analytical techniques to carry out the determination of the parameters that are required in environmental analysis (drinking water, wastewater, continental, marine, sludge, sludge, sediments, biota, industrial hygiene…) in agro-food products (solid food, liquids, oleoresins…) in chemical and phytosanitary products (registration, waste characterization, stability studies…).

In addition, we have a fleet of vehicles adapted for the taking of sample accredited with qualified technicians, to later carry out the analysis in our facilities.


With a high percentage of accredited parameters in all types of water (Consumption, residual, marine, continental, swimming pools, bathing…) with 99% of accredited parameters in drinking water according to RD 140/2003, being the 2nd laboratory of entries to SINAC at a national level.


Accredited in all types of food for microbiological and physical-chemical analysis. Product shelf-life studies and nutritional analyses.

Specialists in fish and spices and condiments, great experience in paprika and oleoresins.

Sludges and muds

We carry out analytical tests to determine its application as agricultural land or its deposit in landfills in accordance with the relevant legislation.


We guarantee that the products used in plant nutrition or in the improvement of soil characteristics comply with two fundamental requirements: agronomic efficiency and absence of harmful effects on health and the environment, carrying out the necessary tests in accordance with current regulations.

Occupational Hygiene

Identification, evaluation and control of contaminants to ensure full protection of workers’ health and provision of necessary sampling materials.


We carry out the microbiological control based on the Cosmetology Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Health and Consumption and following the UNE-EN ISO standards for cosmetics. We are authorized as control laboratory number 43LC and therefore we carry out tests of the effectiveness of the conservation, the stability and the marketing of the product.



We offer services that safeguard public health, the environment and quality. Our laboratory is oriented to the realization of analysis, sample taking, inspections and special works under GLP.

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