Streamlining of environmental, urban and industrial procedures

Yesterday, Monday, March 7, was held in the Assembly Hall Cajamar a conference on the streamlining of environmental, urban and industrial procedures, organized by the Agrupación de Empresas de Alimentación (Agrupal) and the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment.

Considering that October 2017 marks the end of the period established in Law 4/2009, on Integrated Environmental Protection, for companies to have the environmental authorisations to apply, the aim of the conference was to raise the main difficulties detected in the processing of files for obtaining the Single and Integrated environmental authorisations and in turn, propose solutions to streamline the administrative process.

One of the main problems being the urban compatibility of the use of land, the Dª Gral de Ordenación del Territorio, devoted her presentation to the cases that can be contemplated for situations of exceptional use, social interest and regime outside ordination.

On the part of the City council of Murcia, the Delegate of Urbanism exposed some of the cases that occur in the processing of the cédula of urban compatibility.

Ms. Gral de Energía showed how she has organised the processing of files from the moment they enter through the window, as well as her telematic consultation, to make the procedure more agile and to allocate human resources to the effective inspection of activities.

The Head of Service of the D.G. for Environmental Quality explained the difficulties encountered by the administration with the files it has to review and assessed in general terms, the effectiveness of Law 4/2009 on favourable terms.

In summary, the main difficulties exposed by the speakers in relation to the processing of environmental authorisation dossiers were:

Excessive delay in the resolution of dossiers due to the lack of coordination between local and regional administrations; the official’s zeal in signing dossiers; the lack of generalized technical knowledge to consultancies, local administration officials and Control Entities; bottlenecks in offices; and changes in regulations during procedures, among others.
Duplicity in the presentation of the same documentation to different agencies.
Processing of neighbourhood information is considered anachronistic for the media that currently.
Submission of incomplete documentation with incorrect diagnoses on environmental aspects of activities and facilities.

The proposals to solve these aspects, which were debated were:

Compliance with regulations on land use planning considering specific situations in the economic and social context in a justified manner and with margins of tolerance.
To implement a telematic portal for consultation of inter-administrative files that gives agility to the review of documentation by different public bodies, and facilitates the response to legal requirements to the administered.
To increase the environmental training to the different actors involved.
Placement of posters in works or telematic communication in the process of neighborhood information.
Make greater use of the responsible statement and prior communication by the owner of the activity.
Improve the technical content of the documentation to be presented in the applications for environmental authorizations, adequately managing the concept of production capacity and the thresholds of the regulations, as well as making a detailed list and description of all the facilities.

All the parties concluded the importance of these proximity conferences between the administration and the businessman and the need and commitment to urgently address the study, analysis and, where appropriate, the implementation of the proposed solutions, in order to reduce the difficulties in the processing of these dossiers.

You can download the program of the day in the following link:



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