Munuera Laboratories continues the activity against COVID-19

Laboratorios Munuera offers support to Essential Services, according to BOE 4009 Order SND / 274/2020, of March 22, working as a Public Health Laboratory and as a Collaborating Entity of the Hydraulic Administration.

In order to continue our activity of Environmental, Agri-food and Technical Consulting tests with complete normality, a contingency plan was drawn up as of March 16, by which preventive measures are adopted, aimed at guaranteeing the safety and health of workers, always attending to the recommendations given by the Ministry of Health, at the regional and national level, and allows us to continue providing the Services to our Clients with complete normality.

The Plan has been coordinated from our Prevention Department (certificate ES 105500-1, according to ISO 45001: 2018 Standard), whose management system applies to all the work phases of our Entity.  

In summary, the measures implemented are the following:

• All staff have been informed about the virus, its transmission routes and the individual preventive measures to be taken, with special emphasis on hygienic measures.  

• The cleaning and ventilation of facilities and vehicles have been reinforced, with special attention to surfaces that may be capable of favoring transmission, also taking into account the number of people who can touch those surfaces.  

• Hydroalcoholic solution dispensers and automatic sanitizing machines have been placed in areas of need.  

• Meetings involving a high concentration of workers in confined spaces have been limited to the maximum. Limitation of the maximum capacity of people in the common areas, changing rooms and dining room, guaranteeing that the minimum recommended distances are respected.  

• Face-to-face meetings with suppliers or customers have been suspended and now they are held by audiovisual means and training courses have been postponed.  

• Widespread use of gloves and masks for all personnel in facilities and vehicles.

• Organizational measures of tasks, shifts and regulation of spaces have been adopted to limit concurrence and proximity between colleagues.

• Application of telework in the greatest number of viable positions.

• Provision of the necessary supply to guarantee the continuity of the operational capacity of the activities and services we provide.

• Internal communication to employees of the action protocol in case of encountering any of the characteristic symptoms of COVID-19. In the event of detecting a person infected with COVID-19, the guidelines recommended by the health authorities will be followed.

• Public information telephone numbers: 900121212 (information on the Murcia coronavirus) and 112 (assistance)

• These measures vary as the situation evolves and recommendations are received from health authorities and authorized public or private powers.

Our Action Plan will be continuously monitored and updated, adapting at all times to new circumstances, following the recommendations given by the Health Authorities and other competent bodies, in order to continue providing the Services to our Clients.

For any clarification or request, you can contact us through your usual contact or via email atencioncliente@laboratoriosmunuera.es


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