MD 301 EPSAR Campaign

The Entitat de Sanejament dÁigües (EPSAR) initiates during the first semester of 2018 the Campaign of renewal of the declarations of production of residual waters of the sanitation canon for industrial uses of the water in the Valencian Community.

The industrial establishments located in the abovementioned community have the OBLIGATION to RENEW every four years the information declared relating to the production of wastewater.

Each declaration must be renewed in the natural quarter immediately prior to the one in which the four years counted from the date of presentation of the last declaration presented or from the modification of the Correcting Coefficient of the Canon on the occasion of the action of the Inspection of Discharges are fulfilled.

RENEWAL 2018 has been proposed as follows:

In December 2017, the EPSAR reminded all establishments that may opt for the confirmation declaration – those that have exclusively wastewater discharges from sanitary devices, and that do not incorporate water into the product or evaporate water in the process – the obligation to renew during the first quarter of 2018. In these cases it will not be necessary to present the MD-301 or the spillage analysis.
In February 2018, the EPSAR issues the reminders corresponding to the establishments obliged to renew in the second quarter of 2018 in accordance with models MD-301, including within this same period all those that should have renewed in a previous period, that is to say, all those establishments that presented their last Declaration of Wastewater Production (MD-301) before 30 September 2014.
In May 2018, the obligation to renew those facilities whose submission deadline covers the third quarter of 2018 will be remembered, and thus, each four-yearly Renewal will continue to be remembered for the months of August and November.

The application of good practices in the production processes in which the consumption and generation of wastewater or the adequate treatment of the same, allows reducing the corrective coefficient and therefore, saving significantly in the water bill.

Laboratorios Munuera is a Collaborating Entity nº 20/1 and 2 and is registered in the register of laboratories authorised by the EPSAR to take samples, analyse wastewater and fill in the MD-301 model, in accordance with Order MAM/985/2006.

You can contact us through the Environment area (medioambiente.alicia@munuerlab.com).


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