Expansion of ENAC’s technical scope in Environment and Agrifood

Within the scope of the Environmental file (LE551), the accreditation is extended to the collection of samples composed as a function of time, continental waters and wastewater; the collection of samples for microbiological analysis in bathing waters; the collection of samples of sludge and sludge; as well as the determination of Boron by ICP/OES in wastewater and seawater. To this is added the determination of Silica by UV-VIS spectrophotometry (SFA) in drinking and continental waters; and metals by ICP/OES in sediments and sludge. And finally the Chlorites and Chlorates by IC in drinking water; and E. Coli (NMP) in wastewater and reclaimed water.

As for the Agroalimentaria dossier (LE1207), the determination of Nitrites by IC in Fish and the investigation of Listeria monocytogenes in Sampling support (swab and chamois) are added to the current scope.


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